Recessed Modular Light Fittings in Shropshire

To compliment our range of suspended ceilings, Interior Design Ceilings - based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire - offer a complete range of recessed modular light fittings.

All modular light fittings are built to fit into both 15mm and 24mm suspended ceiling grids. All modular light fittings will drop into the ceiling grid in place of the ceiling tile. Hence modular light fittings come in two sizes, either 595mm x 595mm and 1195mm x 595mm.

The choice of diffuser to go within the light fitting body is largely dependent upon the clients budget and commercial application. The two most commonly used diffusers are either the aluminium category 2 louvre or the prismatic sheet.

The aluminium category 2 louvre is recommended with modular light fittings when used in commercial office environments as they have been specifically designed to reduce the glare off the computer screens

However in most other commercial environments the client has a choice of either a recessed modular light fitting with category 2 louvre or a recessed modular light fitting with a prismatic sheet. The main benefits of a prismatic diffuser is both the cost saving and the higher light output.

Most modular light fittings are built to house four tubes that come in a range of colours... standard white tubes, daylight tubes and cool white tubes.
Typically modular light fittings have solely housed four fluorescent tubes, however due to the advancement of LED technology, Interior Design Ceilings now stock LED tubes.

The main advantages of LED tubes are the cost savings, as not only do they last three and a half times longer, they also use up to 65% less energy. The typical payback in the energy saving alone is less than 18 months.

Should you want to discuss the benefits of LED technology or indeed any aspect of your commercial lighting project, please feel free to get in touch for some free impartial advice. Contact us now!